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Nursing In a Tender Environment

About the OVERFLOW Program

Friday NTIE Friends OVERFLOW Program The OVERFLOW volunteers are a wonderful dedicated group of teens who are active in the life of Custer Road UMC. Many have experience in working with special needs from volunteering with the Special Needs Ministry at Custer Road UMC, through programs such as Friday NITE Friends and the Lifeguard Program. All of them truly have a desire to make friends with their special needs peers and siblings. The volunteer teens are supervised and assisted by adult volunteers with experience in special needs.

Nursing in a Tender EnvironmentThe program is offered one Friday a month during the school year, from 6-10pm. A yearly calendar is provided to the families participating. There is a fee of $5 per teen for pizza, drinks and snacks. However, if a teen has dietary restrictions, the fee is waived, but parents are requested to bring dinner/snacks


OVERFLOW exists to provide a special time of social interaction, friendship and fun for teens with special needs between the ages of 12 and 18 years. This program also offers a much-needed break for the parent/guardian who rarely has time for themselves. For four hours, once a month, our OVERFLOW teens and similarly aged siblings take part in fun activities with members of Custer Road UMC Youth. These activities are designed to engage and entertain all who participate in this program. OVERFLOW Admission Guidelines To ensure that OVERFLOW can adequately care for the teen, he/she must:

  • Be between the ages of 12 and 18.
  • Live at home.
  • Have a special need.
  • Participate in the program to give the custodial or primary caregiver a break.
  • Have behaviors that do not cause harm to themselves or others.
  • Are not at risk of “running”.
  • Be continent or not require assistance with toileting during the program hours.
  • Not require any assistance with transferring.
  • Not be participating in ANY OTHER faith-based respite program with similar criteria.
  • Not require medication or special nursing assistance during program hours.

Overflow Volunteer

OVERFLOW Admission Procedures

Admission procedures are handled by the director and coordinator of the Special Needs Ministry. If the program is at capacity, families may be added to a waiting list. The admissions process is as follows:

  1. Contact the director of the Special Needs Ministry at 972-618-3450 or by email at fridaynitefriends@crumc.org. She will conduct an initial screening interview by phone.
  2. If the screening interview indicates the teen can benefit from the program, an application is sent to the family for completion.
  3. Once the completed application, including medical release is returned to the director of the Special Needs Ministry, a family interview is set up for the parent/guardian and participant(s). Interviews will be scheduled during programming times to allow the family to observe the program.
  4. Interviews are set up only when openings for the program are available. Applicants will be placed on wait list if the program is at capacity, and contacted for the family interview when an opening becomes available.
  5. All teens and siblings admitted to the program begin on a trial basis. Behaviors that may dismiss the teen(s) from the program include the following:
    • Unprovoked violence such at hitting or biting of another participant or volunteer.
    • Spitting.
    • Profanity by siblings who have the capacity to understand that this is unacceptable behavior.
    • Mistreatment or disrespectful behavior by parents to volunteers or staff.
    • Behaviors that cause risk to the program as a whole.
  6. The “Care Plan” part of the application will be shared with the volunteers caring for the teen. Make sure it is accurate and helpful for the volunteer who is entrusted to care for your child.
  7. It is the policy of OVERFLOW that caregivers do not attend the program with their teen.
  8. Each admission is handled on an individual basis by the director(s), and all decisions are final.

Applicants with needs that cannot be met by OVERFLOW are referred to other programs. OVERFLOW is open to all races, faiths and ethnicities. For questions or additional information, please contact Carol Brady at 972-618-3450 ext. 247 or at fridaynitefriends@crumc.org.